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After saying never again, I decided to write a second book, so in 2018 I put together Back On Track, David's 4 part plan to a healthy lifestyle

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After saying never again, I decided to write a second book, so in 2018 I put together Back On Track, David’s 4 part plan to a healthy lifestyle.

Since retiring from athletics I struggled mentally. I lacked a purpose, a routine and identity. It had a profound effect on how I felt about myself both physically and mentally. I said nothing to nobody and struggled in silence for a number of years, which resulted in falling deep into a dark hole of anxiety, frustration, anger and depression. I wasn’t looking after myself, stopped exercises and began to let my emotions dictate how and what I ate, which 99% of the time was poor quality meals and snacks. Again this added to a decrease in confidence, self-belief and self-worth.

Things came to a head in late 2015 and thankfully I asked for help. Through talking I began to understand a little more about myself and the triggers which would set off a negative spiral, understanding these helped with my recovered and dealing with my thoughts and action. I developed a tool box which revolved around 4 keys areas; mind, movement, rest and diet.

Back On Track showcases a holistic approach to health and wellness which is built around healthy recipes. It includes practical exercise for the mind and body, highlighting the importance of rest and recovery whilst sharing healthy recipes built for all walks of life. As a parent of 2 young kids, I really wanted to provide practical and time efficient tips on cooking for families, with a few treats in there too!

After working full time immediately post my sporting career, I decided to take some time out to I suppose, “find myself’.

I literally did not stop for the last 20 years, so focused on my athletics and then one day I deciding to retire and moved straight into full time corporate work.

It was time to stop and take a breath.

I was very lucky to have a few opportunities to working with a number of brands as a brand ambassador in the areas of food, fitness and general health and wellbeing. I decided grab these, as from experience I understood the value and importance of looking after one’s self.

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